After three years of hard work of research and development we finally reached the first of the objectives set at the beginning of our journey, the Archimedes’ Screw Pump with Sealing Disc.

As a culmination of the previous prototypes, we have manufactured the definitive prototype with a stainless steel cast-iron body that will serve as a prelude to the imminent mass production of the pump.

Since our goal is to provide the pump with the best materials to ensure a long life in any circumstance, we decided to use AISI 316 for casting, as well as for the screw and other pieces previously developed.


In addition, for the first time we incorporate in this prototype PTFE seals and a sealing disc in VITÓN®, in addition to coating the worm screw and laterally disc contact surfaces with a fluor-based copolymer, family of PTFE. In this way we reduce, and almost eliminate, internal friction of moving parts and enable the pump to work dry.

A similar coating, this time to avoid oil-sticking, has been made externally on the pump body. Thus, cleaning-up becomes an easier operation.

Highly satisfied with the first 20m3/h pumps we decided to face the manufacture of a 40m3/h pump. A great success. With this last pump we have achieved a higher flow rate than other similar pumps for the same external dimensions and lower energy consumption.

Preliminary testings were run in our facilities and the first performance curves obtained:

 Our next objective: Running the pumps in a real environment and getting the performance curves with different oils in an independent institute.