Oil Recovery and not only

A wide range of oil skimmers


SEDOSR projects and manufactures its own oil recovery systems. We carry out continuous research to develop innovative systems that improve performance of traditional recovery systems.

Our mechanical devices can recover every floating substance: oil, hydrocarbons, greases, micro-plastics…

Viscosity, oil layer thickness and presence of waves are critical to choose the most suitable skimmer. Our brush, drum, discs and weir skimmers cover the whole range of needs and our customized solutions allows you to fit them to your application.

Our capabilities do not finish here, being an Archimedes’ pump manufacturer our skimmers are equipped with pumps manufactured by us and, thus, we have full knowledge of them. That means that there will not be a weak point in our customer service response.

Please, call us and tell us your needs, together we will find your skimmer.