Oil Spill Response

Improving equipment efficiency

Oil Spill Response Equipment must look to the future. Inefficient and polluting devices shouldn’t be used anymore during oil spill response operations: oil skimmers that do recover much more water than oil, pumps that do not work with viscous fluids, pumps that do not optimize displacement and, thus, energy consumption, hydraulic power packs that emit more pollutants than permitted by environmental regulations.

Through our continuous research process we have developed devices that improve the performance of traditional equipment and reduce cleaning operations energy consumption.

SEDOSR strongly believes in cooperation between oil spill equipment manufacturers to beat our common enemy: OCEANS POLLUTION. Only combining knowledge and technical proposals we will be able to offer responders the best technologies to do their job.

And the best is still coming.

SEDOSR related products

The above products are only a sample of the solutions SEDOSR ENGINEERING can offer.
We are engineers and as such we can customize and tailor our solutions to your needs and even create absolutely unique solutions for you. Our engineering services are able to customize every solution and adapt it to your needs, or even create exclusive solutions for you.
From containment booms with all their accessories to secondary containment stations, including all product families listed in this catalog, we can project the solution to your problem. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find in this catalog the product you need. We can help you.