While the Archimedes screw pump was being improved, another work-team developed the separator that will work with it. Both will be connected and will rotate together and will consent water separation (heavy phase) before pump suction. A design challenge never made until now.

Our prototype was made in stainless steel following high quality standards that guarantee the absence of vibrations that could affect the operation of the pump. It was also necessary to prevent overstress caused by the high inertia of the rotary volume during unexpected stops, as well as ensuring the sealing of the assembly. Assembly correct balance and its sealing were prime objectives.

Therefore, manufacturing and control chosen methods were of high precision to prevent deviations from the original project.

Once the separator was manufactured, we proceeded to assemble what we call OWSPUMP, or what is the same: the separator, the static pump for the heavy phase and the screw pump for the light phase.


From the skimmer inlet (overflow, disk, brush,…) the recovered substance would enter the separation chamber. Once this is achieved, the water will be removed from the device through a static pump while the oil or floating solid waste (light phase) will be pumped by the Archimedes screw pump to a temporary storage tank.

The pump-separator assembly would be installed in a protection cage or support thereof, which would then be connected in turn to the flotation of the skimmer. For laboratory tests this last step was not necessary.


The first tests carried out in laboratory and in relevant environments demonstrate the efficiency of the system and its good mechanical functioning: