Owskimmer Project: A new generation of high efficiency skimmers

The first and most important development of SEDOSR.

Owskimmer Project

OWSKIMMER® is an innovative product that will give solution to two huge problems regarding marine environment: excess of water recovered within oil during Oil Spill Recovery Operations and recovery of tiny plastic particles within Plastic Islands.

One of the main problems during Oil Spill Recovery Operations is the huge amount of water recovered with the spilled hydrocarbons and consequently the management of the available storage capacity, water in excess treatment and indirect contamination caused by recovery equipment. Generally, over a 50% of the recovered substance is water, thus, improving efficiency of existing skimmers even in adverse weather and rough sea state conditions becomes a priority.

Furthermore, plastic debris (plastic islands) decomposition in small particles makes recovery almost impossible with actual methods (fishing nets and belt conveyors). In fact, the main problem with plastic islands is not big debris, such as bottles and bags, but the very small bits of debris they break down into: 85% of the plastic particles are smaller than 5mm that are being eaten by fish.

SEDOSR has developed and patented OWSKIMMER®, a new generarion of skimmers that will be able to recover floating oil and tiny particles of floating debris, separating water from the recovered substance before pumping. In this way temporary storage will be optimized, energy consumption during pumping will be minimized and further separation stages will be simplified in terms of energy consumption and processing time.

Multiple configurations are possible depending on the type of work.

The main consequence of this increase in skimmers efficiency and optimization of further processes is the important reduction of cleaning and waste treatment costs:

  • Up to 90% less water!
  • Lower overall energy consumption
  • Rational use of temporary tanks
  • Reduction of response time
  • Improvement of waste treatment
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • No more plastic in our fish!

If you are an environmental agent, a public amministration, a skimmer user, a skimmer manufacturer or an investor and are interested in receiving further information and cooperating with us do not hesitate in contact us.


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