Pump One: The ultimate Archimedes’ Screw Pump.

The highest performance with the most viscous fluids.


Completely engineered and manufactured by SEDOSR ENGINEERING S.L., PUMP ONE are positive displacement and submersible pumps able to work with the most aggressive and viscous fluids even in the presence of debris.


Being a positive displacement pump, flow rate decreases smoothly while delivery head increases; this is the differentiating element with submersible centrifugal screw pumps which flow rate decreases dramatically with increasing pressure. Besides, the considerable discharge pressure allows long distance pumping.


Fully manufactured in stainless steel, AISI-316, its sealing disc allows a perfect fitting to the Archimedes’ screw. Internal finishing make use of the latest technologies, thus internal friction is minimized as well as hydraulic pressure and discharge pressure loss. Low pressure loss combined with a large displacement, volume of fluid pumped in one revolution, reduce energy consumption.


Disassembly is an easy operation due to the reduced number of bolts that fit the pump. The main parts of the pump are one-piece manufactured so have no bolts.


Main characteristics








Examples of applications:

Pumps Versions


*As a result of our innovation and continuous research SEDOSR S.L. reserves the right to modify the characteristics of its products and services.

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