A process to be studied accurately

So many parameters must be taken into account to project a fluid transfer system and to choose the proper pump:

  • Distance and height between the pump and the storage tanks
  • Pipe size, path and material of construction.
  • Type of fluid, viscosity, temperature, density,…
  • Presence of debris
  • Place of installation and so many others

None installation parameter can be despised. Our technicians will advise you about the best pump to use: suction or transfer pumps, centrifugal or positive displacement pumps,…

Our wide range of pumps will offer you the best complementary solutions to oil spill recovery methods and industrial processes:

  • On-board pump in Oil Recovery Systems and Skimmers
  • Emergency pumping of hydrocarbons of any viscosity and emulsions
  • Emergency bilge pump
  • Offloading and ballasting, as an auxiliary pump.
  • Sludge pumping
  • API Separators
  • Tank cleaning
  • Bitumen pumping
  • Molasses pumping