logoSe2r-120altSEDOSR ENGINEERING name is composed of two words:

  • SEDOSR means Sustainable and Efficient Devices for Oil Spill Recovery.
  • ENGINEERING means the application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends such as design, manufacture and operation of efficient and economical structures, machines, processes and systems.

SEDOSR means Engineering.

Philosophy / Mission 

SEDOSR ENGINEERING S.L. was created with innovative spirit and, through research, the ambition to make available to the market new and better techniques for anti-pollution equipment users. Our aim is to reach solutions that are supported on three pillars: Efficiency_Energy Saving_Sustainability.

We strongly believe in innovation as the only way to contribute to technological change in the Oil Spill Response industry.

Our proposal

SEDOSR activity focuses on the development of devices capable of improving performance of equipment traditionally used to recover spilled oil and fats both natural and industrial environments.

Our work is developed in collaboration with the user, proposing our own equipment and adapting them to your needs. We also do consulting to improve the effectiveness of customer equipment.

Our main fields of operation are: Recovery / Pumping / Separation / Consultancy / Storage

Our power

We are a young company with great experience in the field of engineering and management. One of our bigger treasures is our professional background that enables us to search the most innovative solutions. We are proud to contribute to OSR equipment users our experience in: industrial design, flow simulation, mechanical calculation, civil installations (electricity, heat, water supply, gas, solar energy, fire protection), energy audits, industrial installations, production and management.

We will spread our enthusiasm for new and better ideas

Our Pillars


Innovation is the key tool used to distinguish SEDOSR and improve.

Without innovation there is no growth and no future.

We dedicate all our effort and an important part of our financial resources to create new solutions that improve the functionality and performance of our equipment.

Energy saving

We believe in energy saving as the only way to maintain quality of life and ensure the sustainability of modern society.

Our designs take always into account minimizing energy consumption during decontamination.


When we talk about providing solutions to an emergency or an industrial process not anything goes. In Sedosr we believe that things can be done better and that we can optimize oil spill recovery operations and, thus, indirectly improving the performance of the secondary processes: temporary storage, treatment and pumping