Skimmers: Oil spill recovery systems.

Ongoing research to increase response efficiency.


SEDOSR Oil skimmers help users to improve processing and to obtain important benefits in terms of energy consumption and treatment of pollutants. An oil skimmer is capable of recovering floating oil and fats.

We have developed a vast range of skimmers among which weir, brush and disc skimmers. Our skimmers include the latest technologies to improve efficiency. The higher the skimmer efficiency, the lower the amount of water in our tanks. Which means lower energy consumption (pumping and further separation) and optimized recovery operations: Reduction of costs.

Our family of skimmers includes weir skimmers and multiskimmers (Disc, Brush, Drum), vacuum skimmers or with pump on board, available in different versions depending on the work environment: Marine, Inland and Industrial; Open and Shallow Waters

You will be able to customize your skimmer to suit your needs. Our engineers will help you to find the best solution to solve your recovery problems.

Weir Skimmers:

Lightweight and easy disassembly skimmers can regulate flotation to suit their performance to environment conditions. A self-adjusting ring allows entry of oil but not water.

Different versions are available:

  • Connected to an external suction pump
  • Connected to a vacuum system
  • With onboard pump
  • Standard configuration
  • Rough configuration (industrial use)

Well Skimmers:

Floating weir ideal for installation in fixed points such as API separators, wastewater plants, vessels, ports and other industrial facilities. To be used with a suction pump or a vacuum system.

Abanico Skimmers:

Ideal for use in shallow waters. To be used with a suction pump or a vacuum system.

Brush Skimmers:

Thanks to their oleophilic and hydrophobic properties, brush skimmers minimize water content in recovered oil.

Thus, brush skimmers are distinguished from weir skimmers because of their higher efficiency and are suitable for the recovery of light, medium and heavy oils.


SEDOSR Brush Skimmers are hand-portable due to their lightweight design; otherwise they have been conceived to be used with suction pumps or vacuum recovery systems.

Skimmers Versions


*As a result of our innovation and continuous research SEDOSR S.L. reserves the right to modify the characteristics of its products and services.

SEDOSR related products

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