Once we’ve verified the design of the screw, we’re starting its production in stainless steel.

Due to its geometry and its perfect fitting with the sealing disc it’s the most complicated part of the pump.

Nevertheless we’re confident of achieving the goal!.

After quite a few attempts and difficult adjustment and setting of various machine tools and control devices we were able to manufacture the stainless steel Arquimedes’ screw, AISI-316.

This is the first and foremost part of the definitive bomb. Together with the sealing disk they represent the core of the mechanism that allows fluid pumping. In the image we show you the screw and the sealing disk «geared» in both its final version and its sintered nylon version, the latter a little unwell after hours of testing.

Watch the video:

In successive posts we will show you how we make the pump body in metallic material and the centrifugal separator that will allow us to separate water from hydrocarbons before pumping.