SEDOSR STR-SCRW-M-A are self-adjusting weir skimmers with an excellent wave following and equipped with an Archimedes’ screw pump on board.

Archimedes’ screw pumps operate with almost any type of fluid over long distances. Besides STR-SCRW-M include a 4-blade macerator in the pump suction that allows them to work in presence of debris.

The floating weir lip is attached to the supporting structure by means of a bellow allowing it to adjust its vertical position depending on the pump flow rate.

Building materials are sea water, hydrocarbons and UV resistant.

STR-SCRW-M-A, pump installed inside the skimmer bellow, mount the same supporting structure for all the recovery capacities, that cover a frame from 8 to 36m3/h depending on the following factors: power pack, hydraulic motor and screw pump. For the same weir lip, the lower the pump flow rate, the higher the efficiency.

Image: STR15SCRW-M-A operated by a 15kw electric power pack.